March 28th 2019 | The Hilton,4 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3LP


The Public Sector Communications Conference Series

The Public Sector Communications Conference Series comprises of four learning and developments conferences that are aimed at providing delegates with an up-to-date understanding of latest tools, techniques, technologies and strategies being deployed by communications professionals across the public sector. We attract high-profile speakers from Central Government, Local Government, Blue Lights, Higher Education and the NHS.


The Communications Conference

Planning, designing and delivering world-class communications The ever-expanding and evolving expectations of citizens and consumers are placing a higher importance on how we plan and deliver communications.

Hear from leading experts on creating content, boosting engagement, gaining valuable audience insight, communicating in a crisis, communicating in a politically charged environment and evaluating and measuring success, all within a constrained budget.


The Customer Experience Conference

Successfully delivering a world class customer experience every time. The needs of customers are constantly changing, stay ahead of the curve and explore the latest developments and challenges affecting customer service and communications professionals, including, placing customer experience at the heart of your organisation, using the right channels to engage and how new technologies are changing our approach.


The Internal Communications Conference

The way we communicate is ever-evolving, requiring communication professionals to continuously rethink, redesign and revaluate how we can successfully plan, reach and deliver effective and efficient internal communications.

Harness the latest tools, techniques and strategies to deliver internals communications that clear, effective and inspire your organisations audience.


The Crisis Communication Conference

How prepared is your organisation for a crisis? Crises are fast-moving, usually unexpected and can continue to cause damage long after the incident is over. With the recent tragedies striking across the UK from, terrorist attacks, fires to extreme weather, crisis communications is at the forefront of helping keep people safe, as well as, protecting your organisation.


Civil Service World

Providing authoritative, high-quality journalism to the civil service and national politicians, Civil Service World is the only independent professional publication available to every senior civil servant in the UK. The brand’s success is based both on our unique access to top Whitehall officials, and the trust we’ve built up across government.

For ten years, we’ve worked to keep civil servants informed about what’s happening across government: the people, agendas, policies and reforms that – for good or ill – affect your working life. And until this summer we did so in a fortnightly tabloid, full of interviews, features, opinions and news examining contemporary topics across UK government.



Dods is a political information, publishing, events and communications business operating in both the UK and Europe. Dods produces a wide variety of events which facilitate face-to-face engagement, sharing best practice and shaping and delivering policy. These include policy conferences, award ceremonies and bespoke strategic platforms to bring policy-makers and stakeholders together in an environment that allows deliberation, dialogue and collaboration.



Digital briefing with a human touch

Unifeye – key intelligence from digital media for communications professionals

Managing your organisation’s reputation without the ability to faultlessly identify critical perceptions and sentiments towards your brand is a real challenge.

Unifeye uniquely tailors and contextualises intelligence reports with a human touch – corporate communications experts with an understanding of the industry prevent an issue becoming a crisis. 

How we help:


  • Reclaim valuable internal resources - Unifeye saves hours of time wading through low-priority intelligence from generic keyword tools
  • Receive reports tailored by experts - Unifeye will only communicate relevant actionable insights that affect your organisation, ranked by urgency and potential impact
  • Circulate insights company-wide - Share insights at board level and throughout the organisation with reports tailored by level of detail needed on the most agenda-driving conversations
  • Never miss a beat - 24/7 experts provide round-the-clock alerts on immediate issues

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