March 28th 2019 | The Hilton,4 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3LP


Digital briefing with a human touch

Unifeye – key intelligence from digital media for communications professionals

Managing your organisation’s reputation without the ability to faultlessly identify critical perceptions and sentiments towards your brand is a real challenge.

Unifeye uniquely tailors and contextualises intelligence reports with a human touch – corporate communications experts with an understanding of the industry prevent an issue becoming a crisis. 

How we help:


  • Reclaim valuable internal resources - Unifeye saves hours of time wading through low-priority intelligence from generic keyword tools
  • Receive reports tailored by experts - Unifeye will only communicate relevant actionable insights that affect your organisation, ranked by urgency and potential impact
  • Circulate insights company-wide - Share insights at board level and throughout the organisation with reports tailored by level of detail needed on the most agenda-driving conversations
  • Never miss a beat - 24/7 experts provide round-the-clock alerts on immediate issues

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